Austin Real Estate Lawyer

Property ownership is a complicated matter. Should matters go awry, our real estate lawyer at The Roarty Law Firm, PLLC is available to assist.

Real Estate Disputes

If you reach an impasse while developing a residential or commercial property in Texas or a buyer or seller is accusing you of wrongdoing during a real estate transaction or it turns out you were misled into buying something, the Roarty Law Firm, PLLC is here to help. We work with sellers, buyers, real estate agents, developers, construction companies, and brokers throughout Austin to resolve real estate disputes.

Some of the most common types of real estate disputes include:

  • Breach of contract: Any number of contracts can be breached. When well-written contracts are disregarded or violated, it is critical to resolve the dispute. We represent clients in breach of contract lawsuits involving improper liens, defects in the property, and other misrepresentations.
  • Breach of warranty: With the sale and purchase of real property often come multiple warranties. For example, with a general warranty deed, the seller transfers title to the property and also promises that the title is good and marketable and that they will defend any such claims against the property. When a seller breaches warranties, Rekha Roarty can hold them to their word and get buyers the compensation and other remedies to which they are legally entitled.
  • Negligent misrepresentation: Negligent misrepresentation occurs when someone recklessly makes a false statement without a reasonable belief that it is true to induce you into entering into a business transaction.
  • Ownership disputes:┬áIf someone believes they have an interest or right to a piece of property, an opposing party may try to cloud the title. We represent individuals who are facing improper liens or titles on their property.

Real Estate Litigation

The Roarty Law Firm, PLLC represents individual and business clients in all types of real estate litigation. We help in all stages of a dispute from the beginning of the initial pre-suit negotiations to filing a lawsuit to mediation to a trial. Most cases will settle but, in the event they do not, we are prepared to help you all the way to trial, if needed. Our goal is to resolve your issue in as efficiently as possible.

A Texas court can choose to explore any number of real estate remedies in a litigation matter. Attorneys commonly ask for the following remedies for their clients:

  • Injunctions: These equitable remedies order an individual or group of people not to do something or compel them to take action. A temporary real estate injunction can stop a planned activity or a transfer of title until a dispute can be resolved. In real estate disputes, a court can issue a temporary restraining order, a preliminary or temporary injunction, a lis pendens, or a permanent injunction.
  • Financial compensation: If you can prove you were the victim of negligent misrepresentation, for example, you can ask the court to compensate you financially for your losses via damages for the expenses attributable to your reliance on the false statements.
  • Specific performance: Specific performance is an equitable remedy where a party (usually the buyer) asks the court to force the seller to transfer the property according to the terms of a real estate contract.

Real Estate Lawyer in Austin

If you are facing real estate litigation or a property dispute in the Austin area, the experienced and skilled real estate lawyer of The Roarty Law Firm, PLLC can help. Our clients have included homeowners, developers, contractors, and buyers and sellers of residential and commercial property. We act for either the plaintiff or the defense, using our trial skills and high-level knowledge of real estate law to get results for our clients. We have the experience and skill to properly evaluate your potential claim and give you a clear and balanced assessment of your issues.